Book - The Missing Masterpieces Sketchbook

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"The Missing Masterpieces Sketchbook" presents a unique creative aid for the aspiring illustrator and habitual doodler alike. Stroll round a gallery from the comfort of your artists stool, and repaint history! Create your own Mona Lisa smile, rework Picassos Guernica or give life to surreal Dali-esque doodles leaking from your frames. Authentic gallery images, with guards, spectators and blank frames provide the perfect canvasses for your own masterpieces.

Each page is different, offering a variety of frame styles, arrangements and settings. Presented as a 54-page concertina, the sketchbook folds out to over 50 ft, and can be hung as an artwork in itself. Any media can be used on the high-grade art paper, from standard HB pencils to markers and paints.