TALK - Forgotten Heroes of Comedy: Celebrating the Comedy Underdog with Robert Ross - 17th February 2022 - 6.30pm

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Forgotten Heroes of Comedy

Celebrating the Comedy Underdog

Written and Presented by Robert Ross

 The Golden Age of Television was blessed with some of the best-loved of comedians, but why are Eric & Ernie and Tommy Cooper and Frankie Howerd so fondly remembered, while Arthur Haynes and Charlie Drake and Harry Worth languish in the archives?

These and other once celebrated stars, from the silent days of Hollywood to the comedy club boom, at last come under the spotlight in this affectionate tribute to the comedy also-ran. There'll also be room for arguably the funniest film ever made, its stars amongst those forgotten heroes of comedy...forgotten no longer.

In this exclusive presentation for The Cartoon Museum, in association with our Laughter Lab exhibition, Britain’s comedy historian Robert Ross joins us, in person, for an enthused celebration… with clips.

Robert’s Forgotten Heroes of Comedy book is available in our shop.

Robert Ross is the foremost authority on the stars and history of comedy, and has written many books about his own comedy heroes including, The Goodies Rule OK, Benny Hill: Merry Master of Mirth, Marty Feldman: the biography of a Comedy Legend, and The Complete Terry-Thomas. His other books include The Carry On Story, Sid James: Cockney Rebel, Fawlty Towers: Fully Booked, and Steptoe and Son: Any Old Iron. Robert's many television appearances range from Blue Peter and The One Show, to Ball-Breakers on the Box, and When Comedy Goes Horribly Wrong. His first stage play, Jeepers Creepers, concerned the lives and loves of Lauretta and Marty Feldman, and was directed by Terry Jones at the Leicester Square Theatre in the West End of London.


"Robert is a fine writer, an invaluable comedy historian and an all round good chap." Bill Oddie OBE

"The top chronicler of British comedy." Film Review

"Robert's knowledge of English comedy is formidable." Phil Collins LVO

"A writer who clearly knows, and loves, what he's writing about." The Hampstead & Highgate Express

Twitter: @RobertWRossEsq.

Website: Facebook: @RobertRossComedyHistorian