Zine - Yokai March A Ghostly Journey with pin badge

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For centuries the spirits and monsters known in Japan as Yokai have captured the imaginations of artists and storytellers. Originally released as individual prints, this A5 booklet collects the traditional Japanese Yokai together with updated information about the folklore and several new entries including the elusive Tanuki, the fierce Oni and the beguiling Rokurokubi.

Yokai in this volume include:

- Kitsune
- Kamaitachi (Sickle Weasel)
- Tanuki
- Furaribi (Aimless Fire)
- Kappa
- Tengu
- Oni
- Tsuchigumo
- Yuki Onna
- Jorōgumo (Binding Bride)
- Rokurokubi
- Nekomata
- Gashadokuro
- Kuchisake-Onna
- Tsukumogami (Traditional Japanese version)