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Bag - Herd Bag All Designs

Bag - Herd Bag All Designs

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Herd launched in 2019 to prove that great design can be both a source of joy and a solution to the waste age in which we live. "Our mission is to make life easier for #herders - those who carry everyone’s hopes and dreams (and their clobber). From the commute and the school run to the shops, the gym, the picnic, the festival, the beach - wherever you are, our bags are designed to be useful and beautiful."

Designed for less impact

Sustainability is at the heart of Herd and are delighted and grateful for the progress made so far.

Herd have partnered with Empower, a global plastic exchange initiative. For every bag sold, 1kg of ocean-bound plastic is cleared up from beaches across Africa and Southeast Asia. 

By clearing up this plastic before it gets into the sea, it can be recycled, up-cycled or used for energy – and most importantly it doesn't harm marine wildlife.

So far, herd has cleared over 6 tonnes of plastic. The money invested in this programme is over 5% of Herd's annual profits this year.

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