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Book - Blop and the Pigeon Pandemic

Book - Blop and the Pigeon Pandemic

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Blop and the Pigeon Pandemic continues the all-ages adventures of Mars’ most mishap-prone scout, Blop!
This brand new book is the second volume of Blop’s stories, following Blop: Martian Explorer (2019), and can be read both as a sequel or on its own without having read any previous Blop comics.

This is by far Blop’s longest tale, with a self-contained story lasting 84 pages (with an extra two-page strip at the back) so get your bookmarks ready!

In this book-length tale, something is turning Martians into vicious, flying monsters and, after a stowaway pigeon is seen exiting his ship, Blop is getting the blame.
It’s a race against time as the mutation affects more Martians – including their leader! Can the small team of unlikely heroes find a cure? As the mutants and their offspring descend on their headquarters, things don’t look good …but maybe there’s hope from a curious creature Blop befriends in the craters of Mars.
The story introduces lots of new characters as well as building on those who appeared in the first book (again, no prior knowledge is necessary to get into and enjoy the story).

This book is from the very limited FIRST EDITION of only 100 copies!

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