Book - The Itch of the Golden Nit

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1-year old Beanie's boring life changes forever when Evil Stella and her flaming sidekick Fireboy show up in his back garden one day after school. Evil Stella is after The Golden Nit and kidnaps Beanie's Mum and Dad, thinking they have it. Aided by his shout-y older sister Beryl, who has been shrunk to the size of a doll by one of Stella's electric bubbles, Beanie sets out on a crazy adventure to rescue his parents and save the universe.

Armed only with a tube of laser lip gloss and some blend-in pants, their quest takes them across galaxies via a superhero supermarket, through wormholes, and up the Hairy Scary River - Beanie is helped, and hindered, by Ten Heart Hero who isn't quite the hero Beanie first thinks he is. When it comes down to it - there really is only one hero who can save the day!Written by acclaimed screenwriter Dave Ingham, who scripted the movie, the book will capture the charm of the wacky storyline and vivid illustrations that arose out of this remarkable project - a collaboration between Britain's leading modern art gallery, a legendary animation studio and thousands of British school-kids, who have contributed their uniquely off-beat ideas and brilliant and engaging illustrations to the mix.