Book - The Wrinklies Guide to Drawing

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"The Wrinklies Guide to Drawing" provides the aspiring hobbyist wrinkly with a complete introduction to this perennially popular pastime. You may feel it is hard to draw another breath but this handy guide will show you the way, giving you something useful to do beyond looking forward to your next cup of tea. Packed with invaluable information from the basic principles of drawing to creating your own still lifes and even cartoons, this guide also features wrinkly-specific subject matter in a chapter entitled 'Drawing Memory Lane', which covers everything from sketching old photographs to converting distant memories into self-drawn souvenirs.

"The Wrinklies' Guide to Drawing" will transform you in to dab hand with a pencil and crayons in no time, with a cogent, lighthearted style that taps into the attitudes, opinions and interests of even the most dyed-in-wool wrinkly.