Jigsaw - Agricultural College - Exclusive to The Cartoon Museum

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Agricultural College by Norman Thelwell

© Punch in association with Topfoto, manufactured for The Thelwell Estate Limited by The Cartoon Museum 2023

We play with our food on an industrial scale - something Norman Thelwell was well aware of from living in the countryside and observing industrial farming practices. This jigsaw asks us to mull over our food choices in a playful fashion. Beef production in the UK produces lower greenhouse gas emissions than overseas as our environment is perfect for growing grass. But the global demand for meat has led to the destruction of the rainforests on an unprecedented scale. According to the WWF, cattle ranching accounts for 80% of the deforestation of the Amazon. If we are to have any impact at all on reversing this devastation then we need to make wiser choices about what we eat and where it's from.

Made in collaboration with the Norman Thelwell Estate and Kakapo Labs from formaldehyde-free plywood.