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Postcard - Jadore Jadoodle Assorted Designs A5 and A6 sizes Love in the Air

Postcard - Jadore Jadoodle Assorted Designs A5 and A6 sizes Love in the Air

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These A6 and A5 postcards were produced during J'adore's residency at The Cartoon Museum and in response to artworks from their collection.

Jadorekid (JK) is a multi-disciplinary artist, while his talents stretch far and wide ranging from music producer to script writer to voice actor, he is widely recognised for being a cartoonist, graffiti artist and digital designer.  He is now The Cartoon Museum's Young Cartoonist in Residence.

JK’s work uses facial expressions to place emphasis on emotions and feelings, and has resulted in the development of his own characters – The Jadoodles. These come in all shapes and sizes, showcasing expression, emotion and feeling - reminding us to make time for them all!

At just 16 years old JK’s work has held residency in the Victoria Library, the SAATCHI Gallery as well as decorating the hallways of his home, which he calls the JK Gallery. Additionally, he is currently working with the Serpentine gallery as a member of the Serpentine Studios youth collective. In the autumn of 2021, he was lauded for his response to the Serpentine gallery’s [James Barnor: Accra/London – A Retrospective] exhibition, which he exhibited at the Serpentine Pavilion at an event him and his collective produced. This included his own colouring books and a live art performance witnessed by the man James Barnor himself!

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