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Book - Why You'll Never Find The One

Book - Why You'll Never Find The One

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An illustrated dating guide by New Yorker contributing cartoonist Sarah Akinterinwa, rooted in her experiences as a millenial Black woman, that encourages readers to be introspective, honest, and practical in their love lives. This funny and affirming illustrated guide, in signature New Yorker cartoon style, offers a unique approach to finding love. Through vignettes with scenes from modern dating, the book's main character, a Black millennial woman in her mid-twenties, walks the reader through the ins and outs of being single, defining what you want in a partner, navigating dating apps, the value of therapy, contending with family expectations, and remaining optimistic about finding a relationship that's right for you.

The book includes cheeky illustrated sidebars and commentary, such as:* a recipe for the perfect partner* updated love languages* dating affirmations you didn't know you needed* advice for taking yourself on solo dates* and more, all with an inclusive perspective on race, sexuality, and body image.The stories, practices, and tips in this guide offer support for the lovelorn millennial, and anyone wading through the challenges of dating and being single in today's world, leaving the reader with the recognition that there might not necessarily be "one" perfect partner or way to be in a relationship, but rather, many possibilities-in dating and in life.

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