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Gerry Anderson

Print - Baddies Limited Edition

Print - Baddies Limited Edition

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Previously available as framed prints, we are excited to offer the exact same limited edition prints from the Gerry Anderson Store as a budget friendly unframed edition. These original limited edition designs created by comic strip and concept artist Lee Sullivan feature a 'usual suspects' line-up of 10 Gerry Anderson Goodies and another print features 10 Gerry Anderson Baddies. Both prints are available here individually and for immediate shipment. They are hand-signed and numbered, limited to just 250 of each worldwide and less than 70 of each remain.

Lee explains how and why these prints were created. 

These prints started life in another guise entirely, way back in 1999. I was commissioned by Doctor Who Magazine to produce a police line-up illustration to accompany an article titled ‘The Usual Suspects’ based on the poster for the film of the same name, which was, in turn, based upon the line in the classic Humphrey Bogart movie ‘Casablanca’ spoken by Claude Rains: 'Round up the usual suspects.'

It had crossed my mind several times to rework the idea using other popular characters, but I tend to generate art in response to people commissioning me,
which is where Jamie enters the story. I’ve produced quite a few Anderson-related artworks over the years and have worked on several projects directly with Jamie recently, and it was he that suggested a pair of ‘Anderverse’ versions of the Usual Suspects, one featuring Goodies and one gathering Baddies from the most popular series, ranging from Supercar to Space: 1999.

This seemed like a great idea, but there were some interesting problems to sort out. Which of the many characters to choose and what should they be doing was not so difficult, as each programme has a central hero character and a pretty obvious villain. To put the characters side-by-side, we took the decision to make the puppet characters as ‘realistic’ as possible, giving them human proportions.

I’m really looking forward to the possibility of creating series-specific lineups, specifically for UFO, where my continuing fascination with Gaye Ellis may finally get an official outlet. But which version of the costume? So many dilemmas! 

Product Details

  • Print size is 271 x 660mm
  • Giclée print on 330gsm Somerset enhanced velvet cotton rag paper
  • Limited Edition Prints
  • Print comes rolled in a tube
  • Each print signed and hand-numbered by Lee Sullivan
  • Print is UNFRAMED
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