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Staffordshire University

Zine - Bedlam

Zine - Bedlam

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As Homer almost said, “Comics, the source of, and answer to, all of life’s problems.”


Through collaboration with the Cartoon Museum, the Cartoon and Comic Arts students at Staffordshire University were given two projects. 2nd year students were given the opportunity to update Hogarth’s The Rakes Progress, while the 3rd years were asked to produce two-page comics about careers in the creative industry.


The Rakes Progress comic is called Bedlam! and the students have produced a series of stories that either pay homage to, or are directly informed by, the tale of Tom Rakewell. As you can see from the stories produced, the cautionary tale of Rakewell’s hubris is still as relevant as ever...


The comic produce by our 3rd years students is called Telling Stories. Some of the students already have a fair bit of experience with making and selling their own comics, so their stories are often told from personal experience. Other students have interviewed a range of people who have been creating stories for longer, and have adapted that research into their two page tale. If you’re an established comic creator or just starting out, then there is almost certainly a whole smorgasbord of interesting advice within these pages.


The students and staff on the Cartoon and Comic Degree at Staffordshire University are very grateful of the support shown by the Cartoon Museum with these two comics.


Proceeds made from the sale of these comics will go to the Cartoon Museum’s Lift Fund.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this item will go towards The Cartoon Museum's appeal to raise funds for a new lift. You can see more about this here:


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