Zine - Cat Disco Vol 2

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CAT DISCO is a fun and ludicrous zine about what cats get up to at night.

Mogslie is a plain, unadventurous cat who normally sticks close to home. One night, he follows a group of unusual cats to the exciting underworld of Cat Disco, where cats dance, drink sophisticated cocktails and judge each other by their names.

Silly and a little bit satirical, CAT DISCO includes cat fights, vomit, music and friendship.

The perfect gift for:

- anyone who has ever wondered what their cat gets up to at night
- who doesn't really know if they enjoy a night out, or,
- who has been kind of disgusted by their cat bringing a bird into the house.

The zine is A5, with a colour cover, black and white artwork inside - 30 pages total. Printed on recycled paper.