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Zine - Foodporn

Zine - Foodporn

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...exactly what is says on the tin! In this case anthropomorphic foodstuffs take the starring role in an irreverent pun-filled parody of adult magazines.
It's not for the faint of heart, but as explicit as things look, it is just food!

The zine introduces us to The Cruffin (a hybrid croissant/muffin) as she engages in a variety of saucy situations; then the zine unfolds into an A2 poster with a vintage-style scene between The Cruffin and a surprisingly-ripped TV repair muffin. Don't forget the back page containing a variety of adverts for you foodies to drool over.

The hand-finished A5 zine also comes in its own modesty bag/slip case, with jagged top edge and cut circle details.

Sorry no avocados.

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