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Art materials - Stabilo Pen 68 Pack of 10 6810/PL

Art materials - Stabilo Pen 68 Pack of 10 6810/PL

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The Stabilo Pen 68 Fine Tip Colouring Pens are perfect for any business executive or student alike. It will easily highlight important areas of text or brighten up revision notes to draw attention to the key parts.

Never worry about your Stabilo fibre tip pens drying out as these pens can be left for up to 24 hours without the cap on, plus the odour-neutral water based ink means these pens will easily wash out should any clothing get marked.

These parade colours pens are not only useful for highlighting but are also well suited to colouring, sketching and mind mapping; so bring out the graphic designer and artist in you with this value for money assorted pack of 10 fibre tip pens with a 1.0 mm line width.

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