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Book - A Peep into Clubland

Book - A Peep into Clubland

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London's Private Clubs have been central to London life since the late 17th Century. Each club reflects the professions and personalities of its members and has over time acquired its own distinct character.

The thirteen clubs represented in A Peep into Clubland draw their members from many walks of life: artists and actors, barristers and clergymen, politicians and sportsmen, scientists and country gentlemen. Their collections hold many fascinating and funny cartoons and caricatures by leading humorous artists from Britain and abroad.

The works in the exhibition which accompanied this catalogue included prints by Hogarth and Gillray, caricatures by Beerbohm, wordless strips by H M Bateman and joke cartoons by Peter Arno.

The Clubs:




Chelsea Arts Club

Garrick Club

Harry's Bar

London Sketch Club

Mark's Club

Marylebone Cricket Club

Reform Club

Royal Automobile Club

Savage Club

Savile Club


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