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Book - St Pancreas Defendat Me

Book - St Pancreas Defendat Me

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'The Boris Letters'

Michael Rosen, Illustrated by Zoom Rockman and John Lightbourne.

This book is a collection of the tweets that Michael Rosen created to amuse his many Twitter followers through the years 2019 to 2022 when Boris Johnson was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdon. They are unashamedly vulgar in places with frequent use,or rather mis-use, of Latin.There are liberal allusions to Winston Churchill and to the glories of the Roman empire, the Trojan wars and such like. The art of telling surreptiously slipped in to some of the funniest tweets.

The cartoonists who have come on board to illustrate this marvellous work of satire are different in style and generation. Zoom Rockman who in 2022 graduated with honours from St Martin's School of Art has a following already of young people who love his work. John Lightbourne is an experienced and loved illustrator at the oppostie end of his career.

Both have had cartoons accepted by Private Eye. Together they fully compliment the collection of subversive tweets that his followers have many times suggested should be ' collected into a book'. This is what we have done to preserve the record for future generations.

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