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Book - The Swamp Thing Conduit

Book - The Swamp Thing Conduit

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Swamp Thing returns in the second volume of the critically acclaimed series by Ram V and Mike Perkins. As the new guardian of the green, Levi Kamei will face old wars, past ideologies, and a Suicide Squad dedicated to hunting him down. The new guardian of the green is faced with his greatest challenge as a bio-agent has been set off in the Kaziranga wetlands.

Swamp Thing s new avatar, Levi Kamei, has been summoned to these dark forests. However, this time he ll be without any powers of the green. To make things worse, he ll be hunted down by the villainous Suicide Squad, led by Christopher Priest aka Peacemaker.

Will Levi be able to embrace his past and regain Swamp Thing s powers, or will he be captured by Task Force X? Collects The Swamp Thing #5-10.
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