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Toy - 7152 Robo Alive Dino Fossil Find

Toy - 7152 Robo Alive Dino Fossil Find

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Dinosaur fossil mystery egg set from Zuru. Open the egg to find a set of rocks, each one containing a dinosaur model piece. Break the rocks using the excavation tool and then slot the pieces together to make an interactive model. Pull its tail and the eyes light up as the beast lets out a fearsome roar. Each set also includes dino slime sachets. Designs include a T-Rex, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus and Stegosaurs, supplied blind boxed.

(One of our volunteers has created a handy guide (see image) as she tried it with her grandchild and it was much enjoyed!)

  • Dinosaur fossil excavation mystery set
  • Dino parts set in rock
  • Extract with excavation tool
  • Parts fit together to create light up model with sound effects
  • Includes dino slime sachets
  • Supplied blind boxed
  • Assorted dinosaur designs
  • Approx. 23cm tall

Suitable for age 5+

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