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Zine - Blop Amok

Zine - Blop Amok

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Join Blop as he navigates a twisty, topsy-turvy adventure. Written and drawn daily as part of the Inktober drawing challenge, the story takes Blop from the brink of starvation on a seemingly marooned island through battling on the ocean with a mysterious sea-witch to an epic showdown in the woods. Magic, mayhem and monsters ensue!

• First Edition,
• 20 inside pages,
• Full colour printing; limited colour palette,
• A6 size,
• Saddle stitched (that's stapled)

This is the fourth in the series of 'BlopShop Minis'. These are stand-alone stories presented in a concise format. Each one can be enjoyed individually, or as a collection.
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