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Peter Morey

Zine - Endswell no 5 Dogmalian

Zine - Endswell no 5 Dogmalian

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Episode 5 of Endswell is the conclusion of this epic series, answering the question: What on Earth happens to Josh the dog?

Last seen locked in a stable in episode 2, we follow Josh on his journey, rescued from Endswell Farm and brought to a South London suburb and life with a new family.

The journey isn't always easy for Josh or his adopted family. Can he adapt to this new life while remaining true to his scrappy, strong-willed and adventurous true self?

Expect daring rescues, poosplosions, and cheeky dashes round the local park.


"'A pure comics environment' where it seems anything can and will happen."

Henry Chamberlain, Comics Grinder


"A family epic most artfully woven. I enjoyed never knowing what was coming next!"

Kate Anderson, Illustrator/Animator

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