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Alba Ceide

Zine - Salamanca Blues

Zine - Salamanca Blues

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Sometime in a future where the Earth has been devastated by climate change, the once flourishing Spanish city of Salamanca is now a collection of ruined structures in the midst of an unforgiving desert. Humanity is near to the precipice of extinction and the wastelands are home to giant predatory lifeforms.

This is a civilisation that has regressed into superstition, brutal ritual, and religious extremism, and is intolerant of any who challenge the status quo. In this first issue we are introduced to three characters who have fallen foul of the authorities and are forced to flee together from their clutches. We meet the mysterious Hunter whose defiance lands her in jail, illusionist Mimo whose street performances are considered heresy, and a former priest whose questioning nature also leaves him in a precarious position. Escaping Salamanca, and pursued by its religious zealots, they must survive the perils of the savage environment outside the city… - from Andy Oliver's review on Broken Frontier Read all of it here

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