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Shane Melisse

Zine - They're Coming Down the Stairs

Zine - They're Coming Down the Stairs

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Three trick-or-treaters spot a big house on their route and knock on its door hoping to get a big batch of treats… or even better, money. Instead, they find themselves trapped inside the house and are chased by mysterious giant bananas. Will they make it out, or will the bananas catch them unawares?

They’re coming down the stairs is a 34 page comic. signed and banana boys doodle with each purchase.


Broken Frontier: “It’s a darkly witty affair full of jumps and twists as the banana duo hunt down their prey and the children look to outwit them with the aid of an unlikely ally whose role in the story will help reveal hidden secrets and the dark truth behind what is really going on.”

Comicon: “Melisse is very good at playing with your emotions, where you know better than to be reassured by the colors, but you let yourself fall for the lies.”

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